Logical Thinking Puzzle Maze Game Early Educational Toy

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Logical Thinking Puzzle, with 9 parts, helps your children exercise their thinking and logic skills when playing game through multi-person interaction.


1. Brain games: Let your children exercise their thinking and logic skills when playing games, help establish their own way of thinking, improve their imagination and practical skills, simple and interesting, very suitable for children 
2. Parent-child interaction: through board games, you can play friendly games with your children. Not only is it conducive to the development of the child’s brain, it also contributes to the relationship between parents and children. To 
3. Multi-person interaction and fun, endless play, improve children's cognitive ability and concentration. To 
4. The color is soft, and a variety of colors can improve children's color discrimination and aesthetic ability 
The product has also passed CPC certification, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and can be used with confidence  

Packing List:

Game Disk*1 
Cross Track*12 
Color Ball Base*1 
Straight Track (white)*12 
Straight Track (yellow)*3 
Tunnel Track*2 
Color Ball*10 
Questions and Answers*1  


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